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A specially tailored curriculum leading to approved learning goals, working within a framework which ensures quality of opportunity for all children and families


Individual care and attention possible by a high ratio of adults to children


Fun and friendship with children and other adults


The support of our dedicated and experienced team who are are committed to providing a stimulating, safe and fun environment for children that encourage them to discover and learn through their own experiences.


The support of a personal key person, with a second named key person for each child


Opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities of the group and in your own child's learning journals. 

A journal for your child, which is recorded on TAPESTRY which contains personal information, photographs and observations of their learning experiences.  This is recorded with parents consent and can be accessed on line by only the parent of the child through their own personal login.   Parents can share information with us on a daily basis too and comment and let us know how their child's experiences and progress at home/outside of preschool is going.  (please be aware that parents will not respond to comments made by parents, they can speak direct to their key person if needed)


The support of a healthy lifestyle



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